Westside Regional Emergency Mgt. Staff West Lawn, Pa

Pennsylvania law and Federal regulations mandate that each community must have an Emergency Management Coordinator, an Emergency Operations Center and an Emergency Operations Plan along with required levels of training for all local officials and staff personnel. In early 2004, representatives of the Borough of Wyomissing and the Township of Spring began discussing the establishment of a joint Emergency Operations Center in the proposed Spring Township Central Fire Station that was then under construction. Those discussions proposed a part-time paid position of an Emergency Management Coordinator that would serve both municipalities. Both Spring Township and Wyomissing recognized that the current needs of emergency management training and developing an emergency operations plan needed more than just token attention. The boroughs of West Reading and Sinking Spring were then added to the plan. Public safety and municipal management officials from the four municipalities developed an inter-municipal agreement to establish the WSREMA.

Although there were a few loosely formed emergency management regions in Pennsylvania, staffed mostly by volunteers, there were apparently not any that were financed and organized to the extent necessary for use as a model in forging a WSREMA agreement.  The group was in effect “pioneering” in the concept of having each municipality assessed on a per capita basis to fund the operation of a regional emergency management operation. In addition each municipality was required to commit to the Agency for 5 years and currently has one elected official serve on the Agency’s governing board which meets publicly once per quarter. A sub-committee of fire and police department heads from each municipality serve as a “Technical Committee” as needed to advise the Agency.

The WSREMA became a reality in January 2006. The office and Emergency Operations Center that serves all four municipalities is located in the Spring Township Central Fire Station at 2301 Monroe Ave, West Lawn, PA 19609. Currently, Thomas M. Bausher serves as the part-time paid Emergency Management Coordinator of the Agency. In addition, a volunteer deputy coordinator is assigned from each participating municipality. Additional volunteer staff members assist with the work of the Agency. Most volunteers have backgrounds in various emergency services, although only a willingness to learn and assist the community is required. (Contact us at the above address if interested.) Staff attends meetings and training to continually prepare for any type of community emergency.

 Westside Regional Emergency Mgt. West Lawn, Pa


  • Emergency operations planning
  • Emergency Reporting
  • Resource Management
  • Training and Education
  • Code Red Participant


More about what we do ...

Emergency Planning

Emergency Operations Planning includes direction and control of emergency response activities, whether from an emergency operations center or a field location; communications capable of directing emergency response activity; and public information on relevant hazards.

Emergency Reporting

Emergency reporting involves tracking and reporting the use of resources including personnel, supplies, and equipment. Locally this information will assist us in predicting future needs requests from local, state and federal emergency management agencies. This will help to declare a local emergency.

Resource Management

Resource management includes maintaining contact with organizations and agencies capable of providing services, such as police, fire, and medical, as well as evacuation, shelter, utilities, and other resources that may be required to respond in an emergency.

Training & Education

Training & Education involves providing information to public officials, emergency responders and the public regarding hazards, protection and response measures and emergency management concepts and skills. CEMA conducts regular trainings to evaluate management capabilities.